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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by kennyw, Jul 24, 2013.

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    hi all took my 2112/3 dyna streetbob in for its 1st service(1000miles) told the guy have a problem with bad vibrations/grinding sound when riding through r/h & l/h bends. Seems to travel from front wheel up forks & handle bars, he asked me "is it a dyna" which I answered yes he laughed then the other guy it a common fault I asked. He then went on to say its something to do with the narrower wheel bearings they use, but he will check it out on the road test,bike came back everything is fine.....but have to live with the vibrations???? it goes with the bike. the other guy said I could fit a new bearing the one side but its got abs fitted cannot do that side.think a new bike is in order ???????? :bigsmiley25:
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    I would first question the way that your concern was handled at the service desk. Not very professional and seems as if they are not 100% qualified. Seek out another dealer and get a second opinion. On the 1,000 mile service did they check all the components related to service interval including steering stem torque?????
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    are you on Michelin Scorcher tyres ?
    my bike did exactly that when i got it,i have since put some Dunlops on it & the vibration has now gone.
    a friend has a 2010 Street Bob,he just changed his Michelins for some Pirrelli Night Dragons & his vibration has now gone too.
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    I hope you have solved the problem, but if not, this sounds as if it could be a steering neck problem, low on grease, not tight enough, or fall away adjustment is off.
    There should not be a problem like that with a new bike, as dbmg suggested, I would question the tech's opinion and go to another dealer if you don't get satisfaction.
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    thanks for your help guys, going to get a second opinion at another dealership, contacted hd in the uk the advised me the same, will let you know the out come,

    ride safe