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  1. murf

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    Just had a vibration issue rear it's ugly head in my '92 fxr.

    I just removed the stock footboards and levers and installed forward controls. 2 days later I noticed a slight vibration on accel while going up thru the gears and on decell.

    The vibe begins after starting from stop and in all gears. will get 1/3-1/2 way thru gear range and vibration will start pretty strongly. same with each gear up to 5th. vibration stops when shifting but returns in next higher gear. not as noticable in 5th but I can tell it's there cause mirrors get blurry. And I don't hot rod my bike.

    Will also be noticable on decell in any gear.

    Just picked up a part from a local independent shop and got the "lead" tech to ride it. He said probably was always there but now is more noticable with the forward controls instead of the footboards....(edit). He said he spent 5 yrs at the local HD dealer so I decided he's been taught to say "feels normal.\, no problem found etc. I think my local dealer holds classes to teach the tech's this response.

    It wasn't there before the forward controls but I can't even imagine what they had to do with anything. Just coincidence is my guess.

    Any thoughts, opinions are welcome.
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  2. Cleftwynd

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    I would check the engine mounts, or something along those lines. What I get from your description sounds like the vibe gets stronger under loads, or heavy drag on the motor.

    Did you loosen anything on the frame when you did the forward control install? Check there first.

    Maybe with a little more description someone here has a better idea than me. I hope you can find the problem, no one but you knows your bikes feel and therefore no one but you can say if it is normal or not.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Check the front motor mount and the exhaust, you are probably right tho you may feel more vibes with forward controls than from floor boards