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  1. can a stator be bad without showing any sign of wear or damage
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    Depends what you mean by what you said above. If you mean that it can test as OK under no load test with appropriate output of Vac/rpm, then yes, a stator can test as OK when it is not. But if you mean can a stator look and test OK under load and not be OK, then I would highly doubt it.

    So if you have taken the Primary apart to look at the stator and you do not see any burnt coils, and it tests OK under load putting out the appropriate Vac/rpm then I would say the stator is OK.

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    Not knowing what tests you have done so far and if the primary is open or back together. I would if it is together do the recommended tests with the engine at normal operating temperature ( hot enough for the primary to reach its normal temp ) and check the stator for an open in the windings. I have seen in other electrical equipment where a fracture/break in the actual copper windings will open up as the windings expand with heat and make contact after the windings cool off.