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    I have a 2004 Heritage Softail I want to put on a removable backrest. Do any of you have any suggestions on where to get one at a reasonable price! Also can I do a removable luggage rack that will come on and off with the backrest? I would rather have two pieces, backrest and luggage rack separate. Can I put only the luggage rack on? Or do i need to have the rear seat on also? I'm trying to do a little clean up on her, get her looking a little sleeker! Thanks for the help.
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    Your best bet for the proper fit and quality is to look in the Harley P&A catalog. There is a quick release system that I believe is only with Harley. The aftermarket products bolt on and are not easily removed.
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    Are you talking tour pack with a luggage rack or somehow putting a luggage rack on with the backrest? The former will include a backrest and I suspect the latter would just look weird. I have a backrest with an 8in rack on the back but that's about as far out as I would go.

    Can you come at the question in a different way? What are you trying to solve by looking for a luggage rack, seat combo?
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    I am looking for a quick connect backrest and a separate quick connect luggage rack (I don't want one piece). I want to be able to run only the backrest or the backrest and the luggage rack. I plan on removing my rear seat and running a solo seat. I want the option of putting back on the passenger seat and backrest when I have a rider, I would like the seat, backrest and luggage rack when I travel. I already own a two piece Mustang seat, that part is done. I'm just looking for a reasonable place I can pick up a quick connect backrest and luggage rack. I'm not looking for a tour pack, I'm trying to stay as close as possible to stock.
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    I'm pretty sure if you have a two piece Mustang that you must use the Mustang backrest. I have a one piece Mustang and use the Harley backrest, no problem.
    My buddy had a two piece Mustang and had to use the Mustang rest. The difference is the Harley backrest bracketry is exposed and ugly without the passenger seat. Ebay often has good prices on quick disconnect docks and racks. You want the "4" point dock.
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    check out craigslist or ebay
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    This is what you want. I had one on my Heritage and recently sold it to a member of this forum, since I no longer own the Heritage. Has a rigid frame inside of the bag so it works great as a backrest with different size pads for different size riders, and has plenty of storage. Removes very easily too. Nothing permanent to mount. Just straps to the sissy bar. Check it out.

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    I'm talking passenger quick release backrest!! I know about the Mustang, I already have a drivers backrest....
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    I've seen backrests with a fold up luggage rack but can't remember who makes it and hard to search on phone without WiFi