Backpack for over pants and gear.

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  1. vann9741

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    God morning,

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a backpack that would store my over pants and gear when I'm off my bike? I've been looking at the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 and the Oakley Kitchen Sink. Figured I'd get some advice from the veteran riders before buying a backpack.
  2. jamesearl

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    Years ago when I had a sporty,I used a back pack.A strong wind could move me around because of the extra resistance,I finally got a throw over saddle bag,at leatherup.Not an expensive one,it was vinyl,and tied on with strings,but it freed up my shoulders,and didn't have to worry about wind moving me around,or surprising me.I would suggest that.They are easy to put on and remove.
  3. vann9741

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    Thanks James!
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Are you looking for storage on the bike or off?
    This is a swing arm mount saddle bag have a look :s
  5. gator508

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    Not meaning to change the subject here, but are you sure you want a backpack. As others suggest a saddlebag may suit your needs better. Do you have a luggage rack. There are numerous choices for luggage rack bags. Just another point of view for storage.
  6. dolt

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    I would never ride with a back pack period; that's why they make saddlebags. Riding with a back pack not only subjects the rider to wind, etc. but will put a serious strain on the riders back and shoulders. I don't care what anyone says, if riding 400-600 mile days, there is no such thing as a "comfortable" seat. Even the most comfortable requires an occasional break from monkey butt, shoulder and back discomfort. A back pack just multiplies the stress and strain. JMHO.:s
  7. Joyflyin

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    When I had my deuce, I used this bag. Loved it. I could cram rain gear in it, and when I rode to work on the cool mornings, and warm afternoons, I could put all my extra stuff in there on the way home. It had detachable side pouches on it that I could cram glasses, gloves and ear warmer.

    It could go on either side of the backrest, and double as a rider backrest. Might want to look into something like that.

    Personally, I did not like the look of the deuce with most bags, and didn't want to spend the $$ on the bags I did like. I was very happy with it.

    kuryakyn tombstone bag - Google Search
  8. fin_676

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    I have used a backpack for carrying extra gear in the past but it can be a pest as the one time you forget to take it is when you will need it most
    Saddlebags always fitted packed and ready and a wee bit more comfortable
    But any backpack will do the job a larger one is easier to put too much stuff in and therefore heavier on your shoulders
    Combined wind on head/helmet and weight on shoulders places a lot of strain on neck and shoulder muscles

  9. horizonchaser

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    Well said Dolt! At my rapidly advancing age I don't need to aggravate my back any more than it needs to be!