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    Hi Friends, I recently picked up an 02 RoadKing classic with a stock 88. It has a Vance and Hines true dual exhaust. I took it to local Harley dealer for 10,000 mile service and general going over. Since then I have been getting a slight popping/backfiring through the exhaust. I imagine a stock air filter was installed at service. Can anyone recommend another air filter maybe more restrictive? or any other tips will be appreciatted Thank You
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I would take it back and find out what they did besides the air filter, I doubt this is the only cause of the backfiring JMO
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    Here is some air flow ratings.
    Harley Davidson Community

    When does it backfire? I'm assuming on decel so has extra fuel to pop. I doubt the dealer would set it too "rich" for the concern of breaking EPA standards and getting big fine.
    So I agree with Jack and take it back and let them ride it.
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    What air filter was in it.? is there a air filter in the parts column of the paperwork. ? Most poping (if on decel) is from installation of free flowing air filter and pipes versus stock. Can't imagine HD putting anything but stock parts on. I would definitely go back and ask.