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    Hi,I have a 2005 Harley Davidson FLSTFI 15th Anniversary Fat Boy I have just put on new barrels and pistons on and when I try to start it there is no consistant spark and when it does spark the bike back fires trhough the fuel injection the timing is set right and the cams the same I have tripple checked when I did the job I disconnected the battery when working on it, is there a re-set system for the bike or do I have to take it to a harley dealer to program. thanks Ron.
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    I am a noob here and can't answer your question,but do have another question about this. Aren't most backfires created by a lean condition,or is this only on carbed bikes? I am not trying to sidetrack your post,just thought this might add to it.
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    You may have a bad crank sensor up by the oil filter. There's no reset on the bike when disconnecting the battery.

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