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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 03Fatboy, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Greetings, I have a 2003 Fatboy (Fuel Injected) 100% stock with 4,200 miles, that has developed an occasional hesitation and backfire through the intake (not an exhaust pop) when you crack the throtle from an idol or rounding a corner. I have had it checked for intake leaks, exhaust leaks and all checks out fine. I have tried different fuels, changed plugs and air cleaner and I have run out of ideas. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you,
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    Aside from an intake leak causing this, I would do a compression test to check the condition of the valves as a possible source. Usually a lean mixture will cause this and an intake leak on a FI bike would be the first place I would look.
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    I know this may sound wierd, but check your cam position sensor. You may have a bad wire or the sensor may be going out. I had a problem on my Dyna where the bike would backfire thru the intake...

    Some times it would do it when you rev'ed the motor from idle. Some times when accelerating going around corners or in a straight line. Some times it would go days without any problem.

    It got to the point where the bike would backfire and then quit. The Stealer said they couldn't find the problem. The next time it happened, I troubleshot it with no problem... Took it to the dealer, showed them what I found and they changed the sensor under the emissions warranty.

    The troubleshooting for the sensor is in the manual...
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    Thank you for the tips, I will try this and see what happens.