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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Trek, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Well here we go again. Some of you may have seen or followed a thread I had awhile back about oil in the air cleaner, and the dealer offered to replace the pistons rings and cylinders under warranty. I was pleased with them standing by their product and then the manager offered to upgrade to the 103 for almost nothing and of course I jumped on that with the SE255 cams. After 600 miles, and honestly this is the first time I really looked I noticed oil down the side of bike so I took off a/c cover and yes there was a good size drop of oil in their. So I am taking off half a day tomorrow to go by the dealer and see what the next step is. I am baffled. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Mavagrand

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    Check the seam where the ac housing joins with the throttle body. If that is not right it will throw oil.
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    A guy I work with had a similar problem. Found out it was missing a gasket. In the service techs haste he missed putting in the gasket. Caught by a different tech. Covered under warranty. Just added agrevation and time without the bike. My friend just picked it up on Saturday.
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    Hey Bonsi, which gasket are you talking about?