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Back on the road again


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Got out for a ride today, temps were about 35* when we started out but got warm then to about 44*. Put on about 75 miles and it felt good too.

Let's hope the snow is over for this year! :bigsmiley8:
Got to ride with some buddies last Sunday and went 180 mile
but it snowed during the week and rodes are preety messy this weekend. Now they are predicting some rain and more snow on Thursday. but that's okay, my wife and I are going to vegas friday morning for he weekend.
We are so luck here in Oz, generally speaking we have brilliant riding weather all year round.
That could also be my opinion as I ride all the time, the weather doesnt bother me to much.
Should I mention that it was 80 F here this weekend? Or that my wife and I rode all over the Hill Country? Naaaw! I'll just keep my mouth shut so I don't make less fortunate folks jealous.

You guy's are so lucky to ride this time of year with out having to do a road trip to find nice weather.Have fun and ride safe.