AZ Bike Week, 2009

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    HI guys: Just wanted to comment on Arizona bike week which offically ends today, SundayApril 5th. I've been living in the Phoenix area since 2002. Heard that awesome "rolling thunder" sound every year and always wonderd what it would be like to be riding my own HD bike during the annual gathering of the cycle tribes in the greater Phoenix area.My buddy & I each bought '09 bikes. A Road King Classic for him & about 6 weeks ago,a Street Glide for me. One of the greatest things for us was the comraderie shown by so many of the riders toward each other. Visits to local dealers and other hangouts were a lot of fun. Meeting riders from other states and riding clubs or organizations. At the West World event we saw some amazing products from many vendors in the industry. Cool stuff. While leaving the venue, I realized tha there is a better sound than a Harley. It's when a dozen or more start up and head down the road. Wild! I read somewhere that when you buy one, you get an optional lifestyle & a community along with it. There's a lot to learn but so far, so good.