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Axle nut torque adapter


I need to purchase an axle nut torque adapter part # H D- 47925 . Kent-Moore sells tool only to dealers and not to general public. Would like info (if possible) for an online purchase. Local dealer says it might take up to 3+ wks for them to receive tool. Hoping to get one sooner. Any input?
Thanks Glider
already talked to pit posse middle of november before they get their new shipment of wrenches . btw theirs has a 3/8 drive for proper tourque. guess harley sells service manual with an appendix of tools but it is very hard to find a dealer willing to sell the tool.
One up on ya already tried them too.... and with the 25% discount woulda been cool...they were one of the dealers who mentioned that they couldn't sell part to consumers(owners). Found one local dealer better not mention name (no repercussions from MoCo) who will obtain part but 3-4 wk wait. Guess I'll wait on pit posse... theirs is cheaper by half anyway.
Go figure....
Pit posse finally has the axle nut wrench in stock!!!! Ordered one last nite. It is a must for adjusting belt tension on a dresser w/o having to remove slip-ons.:ap
I agree there about removing the slip on. It isn't a big deal but if you can avoid removing the torca clamp, they last much longer. After 2-3 times they are shot even though the MOCO recommends to replace them every time they are removed.
The wrench is a good deal price wise also compared to some of the others out there.
Anyone know what the socket size is on the axle nut for a 05 EGS? I have a 1 3/8 socket, but it will not fit. I am trying to remove the rear wheel, but man that nut is huge.