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average number of miles


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on a Harley engine. I know that it depends on how the engine is taken care of and maintained, but I was just wondering.
5-6000 Mi's.for Average Weekend Type Riders Per Year. About 12k For Dsily Commuter - Same As A Car. Add Fun Time And Vacations -if You're Doing 15-20k You Really Enjoy Riding. My Commute It 104 Mi's Round Trip - I Keep A Separate Bike For That.
I ride over 20,000 miles a year, now days I have more then 1 bike so they are spread out some but a not to long ago before i retired i had 1 bike a 1987 FXR, rode that bike for 9 years and put 177,400 miles on it.
It was not babied but it was well maintained, and the current owner is riding it daily but he did a full frame up rebuild on it 2 years ago.
Harley's will last as long as you let them.