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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by vadamess, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Have a 2009 Street Glide and wondering where is the best location to put an aux fuse box? Want to run a relay also with this. Adding some electrical components and do not want to run everything back to the battery. Did some searching online and there are numerous box from adding 4 circuits to 7 along with suggestions on adding a relay so this box will not be "hot" all the time and potentially drain the battery.
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    I love to hear a solution for this. I got numerous wires going to my battery I'd like to put on a terminal strip nearby.

    1. Battery Tender
    2. Hogtunes Feed
    3. Port for heated gear
    4. Harley air horn feed
    and of course the main battery wires.
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    Welcome to The Forum, how about the side cover?
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    The battery tender and heated gear port "could" be one in the same. Decreasing your total by one......
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    The side cover was looked at but have ABS so both sides are quite "full" with stock equipment. Was thinking about the area just behind the battery. Seems to be somewhat "protected" as well as can be for a motorcycle and still be accessible to replace fuses if the need arises. Might be enough room for the relay also. Close enough to the battery so the main postive and negative cables should be short. Would make running wires from the fairing more difficult as would need to remove the tank and work the wires into or along the existing wire harness there. Trade offs!

    Thanks for the welcome to The Forum! Lots of good information and tips that should be able to pick up. See other post about the side cover location. Any qood ideas on splicing wires so they will be waterproof and also hold up to the vibration? Motorcycle has more vibrations than cager.
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    This stuff is unreal. Internal glue completely seals connection. Use it once and you will realize that all heat shrink tubing is not the same.

    They also make some "over the top" heat shrink that is thicker than the insulation of the wire itself but it's hard to work with. I would go with medium.

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