Autumn on the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway

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    Recently went looking for patterns of autumn up high. Found it in peak form on a classic riding road. Perhaps you've ridden this road?

    A map of the ride and five images are below. Placed the digital camera in movie mode and recorded the ride, distilling the video into a five minute clip.

    Wind noise overwhelmed the digital camera mic so Eva Cassidy's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" accompanies. If looking for the H-D rumble or prefer a tune from a classic rocker, save the bandwidth. There's a better place and time for the latter. If you want to hear a moving version of the Judy Garland classic, enjoy, and enjoy the autumn ride, the blue and white sky, the harvest colors, and the ribbon of road.

    The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway - Streaming Video

    The ride goes north to south, from Estes Park, gateway of Rocky Mountain National Park, to Nederland...

    A view of Estes Park is up first. This is the approach from the east. On the western horizon are the namesakes of the National Park...

    Heading south along the eastern border, homage is given to Long's Peak, the 14,255ft. sentinel of the Park established in 1915 by an act of congress. The Diamond Face side is seen here. Long's lofty heights are shared by neighboring Mt. Meeker at 13,991ft. to the left...

    At the southern edge of the Park is Wild Basin. While the coniferous green clothes are year round attire for the pines, the aspen are busy changing into their garments of gold. The H-D finds the black and chrome tuxedo suitable for the party...

    An ascent is made out of Peaceful Valley and the bike is turned around to salute the Continental Divide and The Sawtooth. The sun and shadows of clouds deliver a cocktail of colors...

    And a final pause to reflect for a moment or two and then just breathe it all in. The exhale notes the seasons of change are good, and that so is life. The timeless Indian Peaks peering over the ridgeline grant their affirmation...

    Ehhhhh... enough contemplation. Time to point the wheels to a place for some chow!
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    Awesome pics, and bike!
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    that was great. what a beautiful ride !!!
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