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Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner

Seriously thinking of fitting an automatic chain tensioner to the Road King in the very near future.
HB125 Hydraulic tensioner or the Hayden M6 can't make me mind up?
Any of you good people got experience of either? Any problems etc. All advice appreciated !

Thanks :14:
i used the m-6 they have a big problem with the spring wearing out . they break right in half , to light of springs so if you use the m-6 order lots of springs . i
my self went to the automatic chain tensioner that is used on the i beleive the 07 HDs ,part#40063-05A , its a direct bolt in even on my old evo .i cant find my bill but i think its pretty much the same price as the m-6
The 07 tensioner works off a spring but also have a ratchet setup that keeps them up close to the chain unlike the M6 that only has the spring as the means of adjustment. Once the 07 tensioner adjusts up, it's held there by the ratchet setup and only a small spring tension is applied .

You can see the ratchet setup in these pics.

07 Primary Chain Tensioner Pics - Harley Davidson Community