attaching saddle bag lids to bottoms

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jerdeb, Feb 23, 2010.

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    New to the forum, i have a set of new HD hard touring saddle bags, have all parts to attach lids to bottoms but am not sure how to attach latches, thin, long metal brackets, or which screws go where. Does anyone have any detailed pictures or a detailed description they could post?? I am replacing the police saddle bags from my 06 FLHT/I police bike with regular bags i got at a steal price. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. Breeze3at

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    Jerry; Welcome to the forum. I just looked in my service manual, and there's nothing real helpful like pics. Go to, select harley,year,and select a touring model, then go to body and fender section. click on saddlebag pic, and it will open a larger exploded parts view that should help. I put different latch covers on mine, but have not had the whole assembly apart. Post back with any specific problems you encounter, someone here knows the fix.:)
  3. pirateking

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    Hi, and welcome, I just had my hard bags painted, so I took everything off. I found it was easier to attach the saddle bag lock to the lid first then attach the body to the bag. The covers go on last along with the HD fabric. I have an 02 RK and my manual has a good exploded view that was very helpful
  4. Chopper

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    Welcome Jerdeb don't know if this will help but here goes.
    This is for a 2007 model
    1 2524B SCREW (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    2 3592 SCREW (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    3 3593 SCREW (16) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    4 3595 SCREW (10) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    5 3596 SCREW (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    6 3656 SCREW (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    7 6229W WASHER (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    8 7586 JAM NUT (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    9 7608 NUT (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    10 11464 GROMMET (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    11 53482-93 RUB BAR, left (plastic) (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    53483-93 RUB BAR, right (plastic) (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    53488-93 WEAR PAD, saddlebag latch used, w/ sidecar (not illustrated) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    53442-03 LOCKSET, w/ keys, ignition knob, & saddlebag lock FV/KB
    53571-03A LOCKSET, w/ keys, ignition knob, & saddlebag lock FB
    53591-03 LOCKSET, w/ keys, ignition knob, saddlebag, & Tour-Pak locks FC/FF
    12 53567-93 TETHER STRAP (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    13 53710-93 LOCK (2) w/ 7586 & 90682-93 (specify key code) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    14 59287-92 REFLECTOR, right (red) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    59288-92 REFLECTOR, left (red) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    15 71452-91A KEY (specify key #) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    16 90601-93A FACE PLATE, right (chrome) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV
    90853-06BPS FACE PLATE, right (black cherry) KB
    90853-06BXT FACE PLATE, right (deep cobalt pearl) KB
    90853-06BPY FACE PLATE, right (black pearl) KB
    90853-07CHG FACE PLATE, right (pacific blue denim) KB
    90853-07CHH FACE PLATE, right (pewter denim) KB
    90853-06DH FACE PLATE, right (vivid black) KB
    90603-93A FACE PLATE, left (chrome) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV
    90857-06BPS FACE PLATE, left (black cherry) KB
    90857-06BXT FACE PLATE, left (deep cobalt pearl) KB
    90857-06BPY FACE PLATE, left (black pearl) KB
    90857-07CHG FACE PLATE, left (pacific blue denim) KB
    90857-07CHH FACE PLATE, left (pewter denim) KB
    90857-06DH FACE PLATE, left (vivid black) KB
    17 90664-93 LATCH ASSEMBLY, left, w/ 53482-93 & 90707-00 FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    90665-93 LATCH ASSEMBLY, right, w/ 53483-93 & 90707-00 FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    LATCH, right, w/ 53483-93 & 90707-00 (not illustrated), saddlebag FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    latch used w/ sidecar
    18 90675-93A GASKET, cover (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    19 90682-93 CAM HOOK (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    20 90700-93 BACKING PLATE (2) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    21 90707-00 SPRING FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    22 90752-93 SADDLEBAG BOTTOM, right (prime) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    90753-93 SADDLEBAG BOTTOM, left (prime) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    23 90756-93 SADDLEBAG COVER, right (prime) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    90757-93 SADDLEBAG COVER, left (prime) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    24 90764-93 CUSHION (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    90820-93B LABEL, load limits (not illustrated) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    BAIL HEAD STUD (NOTE: Remove Bail for HDI sale, excluding FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    Japan) (4)
    25 90834-95A
    26 90958-93 MOUNTING BRACKET (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    27 90962-93 WEAR PLATE (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    28 90972-93 WEAR TAB (4) FB/FC/FF/FS/FV/KB
    29 91841-93A LINER (2) FC
    30 94435-02A TOOL KIT FC/FF/FS/KB
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    Don't forget to use threadlocker on the mounting bolts, they will rattle loose!!
  6. CalgaryBikeBum

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    I replace my police bags (bad shape) with a set of FLHX bags I got off ebay. They were dark blue so I had to repaint to the Cadillac Pearl White that I had sprayed on my bike. I disassembled all parts for the paint job. If the previous posts don't help let me know and I will try and take some pics etc . They are shown in my parts manual in pretty good detail? Good Luck : )