Atlanta Freedom Concert in honor of American Heroes

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    Took the wife to the Freedom Concert in Atlanta last night. What a great show. The Freedom Concerts (8 of them this year) are sponsored and organized by Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel, to support the Freedom Foundation. The Freedom Foundation is an organization created by Colonel Oliver North (USA Ret) to fund the education of children whose parent(s) lost their life while serving in the military.

    The entertainers were first rate, the crowd was enthusiastic (and loud), and everyone enjoyed themselves, with many being overheard to say they were going to return for next year's concert. I purchased my 2010 tickets online as soon as I returned to the hotel.

    Here are a few shots of who was there:

    Lee Greenwood was the first entertainer. The crowd loved him. I don't mind telling you, I had tears running down my cheeks when he sang "I'm proud to be an American." [​IMG]

    Rich Little, the impersonator, was on next. He had the crowd rolling on the floor with his Johnny Carson (AKA Carnak the Magnificient) routine. [​IMG]

    Next up was the Charlie Daniels Band. He's as good as he ever was, brought the house down, and you couldn't hear yourself think when he did "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." [​IMG]

    Jon Voight then came on stage and gave a talk. Yes, it was political and conservative, but that was the nature of the event. [​IMG]

    Christopher W Smith came next, a Christian singer. Gave a very moving performance, concluding with a tribute to 9/11. [​IMG]

    Colonel North then came on to talk about the Freedom Foundation and the work they do. He honored the Gold Star Families in the audience, and introduced the crowd to two of them. Sean Hannity joined in towards the end of this segment. [​IMG]

    Billy Ray Cyrus finished up the music. He played most of his songs, but really rocked the house with "Brown Eyed Girl." [​IMG]

    The night finished up with a finale tribute to two Atlanta area families who had recently lost a son in the war on terror. This is one of them. [​IMG]
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    Not a problem Jake, I just removed the political part.:s
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    Looks like it was an AWESOME time!!!! Wish I could go to one!!
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    Great pics! Looks like a good time. Musta had great seats!
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    Seats are assigned in the order the tickets are puchased. That is why I bought next years tickets as soon as we got back to the hotel. Expect to be within spitting distance of the stage next year.