Arkansas in August

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  1. Redfish-Joe

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    Our club is wanting to go to the SCRC National Rally in Mountain Home, Ar. in August. Anyone from that area that can recommend some day rides and good eatin' places?
  2. D.Bradfield

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    There is a Bikes Blues & BBQ rally the last weekend of Sept. in Fayetteville, which is in the area, I was there last year and planning on going back for many years to come. Found some very nice roads to ride on up there. Go to | Bikes, Blues BBQ and look under BIKES and there are some free maps.
  3. threesteps

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    It's been a few years since I ridden in Arkansas but there are lots of good rides. Just of the top of my head:

    You can head west to Harrison then down Hwy 7 through the Ozark National Forrest down to Russelville. Continue south to Dardanelle and head over to Mt Nebo (some tight driving in the switch backs). Then over to Mt Magazine.

    Another ride is to go past Harrison to Eureka Springs then south on Hwy 23/16 to Clarksville. Head on south.

    Can do Branson, MO just to the north and west.
  4. Cyclops

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    Here's a site depicting various rides throughout Arkansas:

    Motorcycle Adventures In Arkansas (PDF)
  5. FIREDOG239

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    Looks like Cyclops has you covered, my son lives in Mountain Home and have ridden down in the area several times. Best motel is the Days Inn as far as being biker friendly and clean. Highway 7 is a great ride from Hot Springs to Harrison, Highway 5 is also a good ride North or South out of Mt. Home. Fred's Fish House is a good place to eat if you like catfish. Hope you enjoy the ride. :D
  6. Redfish-Joe

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    Thanks everybody!
  7. mvd00024

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    You might need to look up Hwy. 5 to Mountain View it is 45 miles south of Mountain Home.There is lots of good riding around here...Look up Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, If I can help let me know.
  8. flipper

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    My husband and I made a trek to that area the last week of Oct. We "based" out of Harrison and had one day ride that took us up 7 to Peel where we took the ferry over into MO. Great road to ride over into Branson with nice curves and rural scenery. I could do without Branson next trip..... Another day trip we went down 43 to Boxley (saw the elk) and then up to Kingston where we took 74 over to the Pig Trail. That stretch of the Pig Trail north up to 12/127 wasn't anything to rave about, but we did enjoy 12/127 which took us to Rogers where we visited the HD dealership there. It's a good one. We came back to Harrison via 62 which has an awesome stretch of curves into Eureka Springs. As far as places to eat, I wish someone could tell us all where to get some good chow in that part of the state. That is the one thing we could not find at all up there. I really look forward to going back, but I'll sure have to know the restaurants first.
  9. Redfish-Joe

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    This is the route we decided on. The only reason we are going to Carthage, MO. is to hit Rt. 66. Some club members never have ridden any of it and may not get that close again. Like Flipper said if you know any good eating spots alone the route, let me know!!

    BTW the blue dots will be our overnight stops.

    Chapter trip - Google Maps
  10. R. Lewis

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    Since ya'll will be in Springfield , Mo. --- Are you stoppin at the Bass Pro Shop? If so - go upstairs and eat at Hemmingways! Good food - buffet style or order off menu. Last time the mrs & I were there , they had crawdads,crablegs,froglegs,prime rib and other items to choose from. Not bad in price either!