Arizona to New Mexico 4/25 to 4/26

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    Arizona to New Mexico 4/25 to 4/27

    Taking a weekend trip from Scottsdale, Az to New Mexico I am going to hit Gallup and then Albuquerque and then Sunday head back to Scottsdale, Az. My first long trip on the bike and the Mrs. wants to ride as a passenger I have an 2005 sporty with a sundowner seat I don't know if she can endure the long trip. It's going to be her first long trip as a passenger so I don't know if I should take her anyone have any suggestions. Also wanted to know if there is anyone from New Mexico who can give a weather report. I can't wait to hit the road and post some pics later.
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    Re: Arizona to New Mexico 4/25 to 4/27

    Do you have time for a test ride with her? Maybe a couple of hours for a trial to let her get the feel. That's what I would do.....