Are your Oxygen Sensor plugs tight ?

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    I just finished my Top end rebuild. Thanks for all the help. I took it out to break it in doing the 10 times from 30 to 60 routine. After increment number 5 I'm getting a loud exhaust noise from the front cylinder and poor performance. I figured I had blown a head gasket or broken a case stud. I took it in stride and limped the few miles home. The air didn't seem to be coming from the head. My wife was asleep so I borrowed her oven mit to see if it was an exhaust gasket. Thats when I noticed both Oxygen sensor plugs were missing. I only have a few hundred miles on the exhaust and I never checked to see if the plugs were tight when I installed it. I ordered a set on Ebay but since I had to know if that was it I also picked up a pair from Napa auro parts. So if are ever riding along and you think you have blown a gasket check to see if you have lost a sensor. I plan to carry a backup pair in my saddle bags.

    Should I put any Locktite on the plug threads or just torque them down ? Thanks Bob

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    No lock tite but use neve seeze and torque to specs.
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    I used HT silicone on mine & torqued to spec. Probably should've used anti-sieze, but don't feel like removing the headers again. Guess they're on for the long run...
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    Either should work fine:s