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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by FLHTrider08, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I was on a ride the other day when it was fairly windy. I began to think about people that were passing me or driving in a position that made the wind "force" harder for me to ride in. When in a cage, are you more cautious around bikes to try and make it easier for them to ride when windy by avoiding spots that may be potentially uncomfortable for the?. Also when in a cage are you more careful about how you pass bikes to try and avoid spraying them on a rainy day? Having done a lot of hi-way riding this year on some heavy wind days and being caught in some rain storms, I find I'm more cautious when I'm in a cage about where I'm driving when bikes are around.
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    Amen to that FLHTrider08. I do the same and will actually put my car in a position to protect a motorcyclist if need be..... I went to pull out of my nieghborhood last night only to see a bike coming. I waited and waited and was wondering what was taking so long ????? Only to find when the cycle made it to my street it was a pink Vespa at full speed of maybe 25 mph. The guy riding kinda laughed and smiled as he buzzzzzzzzzed by me waiting....:small3d002:
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    I will always try to protect fellow riders when I am in the cage. I give them extra room all around and I will drive behind them to protect their backs. I change the position of my side mirrors during riding season to be at a lower angle and facing further away from the vehicle to help mitigate the blindspots.
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    In a Word Yes, But the only times I seem to drive The Cage is Sundays to church and test drives @ work, I know how i feel when on my bike so I always try to be cautious with bikes around
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    Actually I'm scared of driving in a cage. (No way to leap clear... LOL) I do drive an 18 wheeler when I'm not on my bike and my mentality is, 'on my bike, everyone is trying to kill me, and in my truck they're all trying to commit suicide (bikers, too)'.. Sounds simple, but it works for me. In my idea of a perfect world we would all be on bikes anyway and wouldn't have to worry about cagers!
  6. I think those of us that ride, and know the cycle specific issues with weather, do kind of watch out for riders when driving a car.
    The other 90% of the cars on roads though are completly oblivious and couldn't care less if they're spraying you.
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    Ever since I got back into riding I've been MUCH more aware of bikes when I'm in my car. I'm extra courteous to motorcyclists now - not that I wasn't before!

    I know exactly what you mean about riding in the rain. JDPEagle, AJPanda, and I rode for 2 days straight a couple weeks ago in the unnamed tropical storm that was lingering over Florida. Most of the time we rode in the right lane at 45 - 50 MPH with our emergency flashers on. Everytime we stopped, we commented on how rude the drivers were that cut right back in front of the lead bike with minimal spacing and cause severely reduced visibility for several seconds. JDPEagle even commented on how few cars and trucks nowadays even have rain/mud flaps on them anymore. Those jacked up pickups can throw quite a rooster tail at 70 MPH in the pouring rain!!!
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    I am a very conservative rider and when I am in my truck I give all other riders a lot of room and a wave. Never hurts to try to be courteous and safe.
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    I was riding motorcycles on the road for 8 years before i drove a car and have always given consideration to the needs of motorcycles on the road

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    Brian do you have to deal with a lot of FOG like we always see on the movies?