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Are there more fuses ?


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I have a 95 flhtc .. I know where the 50 amp fuse is located.

My question is , where ARE THE OTHER FUSES..I checked the manual and did not see anything.

I ask, as the Honda I previously owned had all the fuses in one location.

What if I loose lights / radio / horn / or starter. Are there seperate fuses or do they all go through this 50 breaker.

Gotta go to work now and will be back tonight at 11 for any answers.

Thanks Dan

Not sure on the 95 bikes but look behind the 50 amp main breaker by sliding it out of the holder intact. You should see the main fuse panel behind it or at best under one of the side covers but it's there somewhere with individual fuses for the different circuits.

The 50 amp breaker will kill power to the entire bike when removed from the socket.
I spent the last 2hrs going thru the manual with a magnifying glass...
There are supposed to be some fuses under one of the side covers. I dont recall seeing them...but then I did not have my glasses on...There is also a set of fuses and breakers under the front fairing per the manual..

For the time being I am not to concerned as the breakers will reset themselves and its way to cold out there.
I think its usefull to know where all the fuse/breakers are located just incase something :bigsmiley29: happens.
Once the warmer weather start , this will definately require some investigation .