Are Dyna handlebar switches like Sportster ones??

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by MelUK, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I've just received some new grips to install on my 09 Street Bob. For the right hand side the instructions say to refer to the service manual for the removal of the switch housing assembly to access the throttle cables, and for the removal of the throttle cables. I don't have the Dyna service manual yet, but I still have the 08 Sportster manual. Are they close enough to use this manual, or should I wait til I get the right manual in 3 weeks? Or should I just give the dealer £40 to change the grips and be done with it!? :D
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    Easiest way is to your local HD dealer, he sells the chrome button sets for tourers and sportsters (don't remember seeing separate ones for the Dyna or other models). Then read the label denoting compatibility and model year info, but unfortunately I do not know if they will list latest '09 models, but do compare them both side by side. There may only the # or subtle details, but should give you a clue. If you follow the generic instructions keep us informed if you find differences, but I suspect they are like Glider & Hobibit "--more or less." :newsmile053: