apes. how high?

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    Ok been planning on 16 inch carlinin gangster apes with what looks to be inch to inch and a half risers from carlini as well (im 6-2). Thought that would be a good height til yesterday. I ran into a freind who has 16's on what looks to be 4 inch risers. Hes about my height and the setup looked to be right around shoulder height which is where i would like to be. Now for the question will the 16's with the lower risers be too low? Should i go 18 with that riser set up or will that be too high? Any insight would be helpful as i do not want to make a thousand dollar mistake. Thanks in advance.
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    Sit on your bike with your arms out stright and have your friend measure from your palms to the risers. Here in Fl. bars cannot be over armpit high, Have you ridden or sat on your friends bike? Some love the look and ride of apes while other don't feel like they have control of the bike. If you haven't ridden with apes before it would be wise to try to see if your buddy will let you try his.
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    Maine law states shoulder height... they probably all differ some...
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    IN used to be 15" from front of seat (@ fuel tank) to highest point on handlebars. Law recently changed to shoulder height which allows taller riders w/ longer arms to have higher bars.

    Handlebar height is personal preference but I ride mine too much to have my arms over my shoulders all the time. Seems to me they would loose blood and go to sleep.
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    Think this guy went to the extreme? I think his nickname is "roadkill in progress".

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    Roadkill or "STUPID" no one can control what will happen eventually.
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    New Jerzey is same as Maine.
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    Did what hddon suggested. Went out to the garage with a tape measure. Turns out to be around 24 inches give or take. Think im goin with the 18"s. Pa is a shoulder height state as well and im pretty confident ill make it. Thanks for the input. Ill let you guys know how it turns out in a few weeks.
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    It gets even better - If you look at the picture real close, I don't see a clutch lever or cable, I think he is running a suicide clutch and jockey shift. Being so hard to find, I doubt that it has a jockey top, probably a ratchet top.

    My Brother ran a jockey shift with the old original spring-loaded concentric pedal. We were waiting on some people to come out of the house and he sat there reving his engine - the pedal fliped down and he went into the rear of a pickup truck parked in front of him. He tore the key switch cover off with his crotch as he went through the handle bars - walked funny for a week (At least it was funny to me).
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    I don't get the whole ape thing they look uncomfortable and dangerous to me.