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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Mad Dog Jim, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Ordered my 16" Burly Gorillas for my 2008 FLSTC yeaterday. I got a matching top clamp with hidden hardware coming too. I already have the heavy duty dampeners for the heavier bars.

    I'm looking for tips and advice from people who had done this change before. I want to go with stainless braided brake hose and cables. Any suggestions on who to go with? And any thing I need to know before I start digging in?

    My plan was to instal the bars when they get here then see how short my stock stuff is and order the right lengths. But I know from experience with other tasks that there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned along the way. Hence my post...
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    I like the Magum cables best myself, you can get them from Drag or the link below. When I run the wires through the bars I take a string with a small peice of paper towel and blow it through the bar and then tape the wires to it, then pull them through, also don't forget to shim the front brake lever out so you don't break the switch when going back together. Have fun & post some pic's when you get her done. Merry X-mas
    Magnum Shielding - Custom Harley Davidson Cables and Braided Brake Lines

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    Just a Note:
    On a friends 08, putting on new grips, all ready has the high bars, the right side that clamps to the handlebar wasn't put back correctly into position,,,, causing his break-light to stay on all the time.. Over the phone to me he said he loosened the unit , wiggled it and heard it pop to correct position and the brake light works Now.

    Not sure what happened that caused the Brake Light to stay on???? pinched elect? But thinking alignment is important.

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    Awesome guys! I saved that link as a favorite. Will see how much more length I need and go fo it! Tons of help! Thanks!!!
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    I bought my complete setup for my RK from Hill Contry Custom Cycles out of Texas. They sold a complete kit with cables and wire extensions along with the bars. The bars are good quality, but the standard cables are made by Motion Pro and I don't know, that I would recommend that brand to anyone. The clutch cable is already leaking and will need to be replaced this winter. It was also a little too short. When I say that I don't mean the overall length, I mean the difference in length of the cable itself compared to the case.

    I had a hard time pulling the wires. Most people don't though. I bought the oversized diameter bars, so there is a step, that I just could seem to get the wires fed past. I am glad, I got the larger diameter bars though. They look really good on my RK.