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    Iam getting ready to install a set of hills county custom 16in.apes with all the wire extentions not really sure on seperating the factory harness plug apart the small pins in the plug have to be seperated from the plug to extend the wires this all came with the hbar kit just not sure how to seperate the two without damaging the plug
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    there are a couple different connectors you will possibly run into. On my bikes i am most used to the deutch connectors, gray or orange. On some of them you can disconnect the connecton... and pull the face plate off the connector that seperates the pins. these are simple to pull pins apart.

    if you look at your new wire ends, each pin has a "tang" or blade on the side of it. that is the reason you cannot pull it out of the plug. there is a tool for some that you insert from the mating end...kindof a sleeve over the pin that collapses the tang. i have better luck using a pick set or small screwdriver from the back side of the plug to collapse the tang. Its actually quite simple after you figger out the first one.

    one thing you must understand right now---if it takes any effort at all to pull the pin, your doing it wrong. push the pin into the connector and release the tang with a pick,then pull it out of the connnector.

    pull too hard and you will replace pins......i learned the hard way as usual.
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