Ape Hanger Installation - Got some questions!

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    Well I am about to get started (in 2 weeks) on my installation of Licks 12 inch Super Narrow ape hangers . I should be getting them this week, so I want to get started on picking up some tools, oils and anything else I will need to ensure the install goes as smooth as possible. I have a buddy who is going to help tear it down and put it back together. I have already started getting familiar with tearing down the handlebars, grips and controls. I have also started reading the sections in the service manual about clutches, bars, throttle cables and brakes.

    Measuring the cables:
    I am plan on measuring the cables after putting the bars in the position that I will be riding. Is there a certain way I should go about measuring the extra lengths I will need? I plan on using a regular measuring tape (the kind you measure your waste with). I don't want the cables to come out too far from the forks.

    What supplies, tools and oils will i need for this particular project? Here is a short list of what I have come up with from my reading:

    1. Brake Fluid (The manual says DOT 5 Silicon Hydralic Brake Fluid) Any particular brand?

    2. Super Oil for throttle line (The manual says to use PN 94968-85TV) Any non-HD brand that is just as good or better?

    4. Cardboard insert for brake lever.

    5. Loctite

    6. Fishing line for internal wiring / Tie Wire.

    7. A lot of RAGS!!

    8. Mini Hooks

    9. Primary Fluid

    Removal Questions:

    1. Clutch cable - Is the clutch cable a 2 piece or 1 piece cable? I am confused on whether the lower clutch cable and upper clutch cable disconnect.

    This is my first attempt at something this big. Most of the time I take it to an Indy and wham bam pay the man. But this time I decided to do it myself. I am going to film the process just like bdoor67 did on his Nightster project. If this goes well, then there are a few other things I want to try to do myself.

    Anyhow, any help would be much appreciated.
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    Adding some more info to the thread:

    Supplies / Parts:

    6. Novello Handlebar Wire Harness Extension Kits for H.D. (96-06)
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    Good choice on doing this yourself. I did the same thing to my '03 sporty, didn't really know what I was doing, and it all worked out great, so first of all, don't worry, you'll be just fine.
    Measuring cables: after installing the new bars, take the existing cable and route it the way you want, then measure from the end of that cable housing to where it mounts in the switch housing, routing the measuring tape as you plan on having the cable installed. Your measurement will be the amount that you need to order in extra length. Round up. A cable a half inch too short will be a way huger problem than one that is a bit long.
    1. brand doesn't matter, just make sure it's dot5
    2. Instead of super oil, look into a aerosol can lube with applicator that squirts the lube down the cable, or check this out: HarleyHogs Clutch Cable Oiling
    3. I did not buy this kit, and did not need it. If you think you might need it, buy it but don't open it. If you can finish the job without it, take it back. You won't need any extra stuff unless you lose something.
    5. blue
    6. I used tie wire (like for tying rebar) to fish the lines through cause you can push it. If you're going to use fishing line, make sure to get a little weight to attach to the end - drop weight into bar, retrieve out the other hole. this works well.
    7. always good to have
    8. i'd buy a kit of hooks - something like this: PRECISION MINI HOOK TOOL KIT - CarParts Quality Discount Parts and Accessories
    It will make life easier when dealing with the internal wiring.
    9. you'll need a t27 torx bit. Many kits have t25 and t30 but no 27. The t25 will also be needed, on the switch housings i believe. t27 for derby cover. don't use the t25 here it'll bugger up your bolts.
    10. I use a magnetic parts tray - nice to keep all your bolts etc. together. remember the little brass ferrules on the ends of the throttle/idle cable AREN'T magnetic, so don't just toss 'em in the tray! (not that I know from experience or anything....)
    11. I can't remember if you have to drain the primary fluid in order to change the clutch cable...I don't think you do, but buy a quart anyways.

    The clutch cable is one piece. The outer cover is 2 pieces that screw together at the adjuster so you can adjust it properly. Follow the service manual instructions for the clutch cable removal and install - it looks a bit intimidating at first, but it's not hard.

    there we go, i think that's it. you'll be glad you did this yourself. good luck!
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    Sweet... Thanks for the advice. I am going shopping this weekend to get the stuff i will use except for the cables and such until i get the bars.

    thanks again!
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    Don't forget to remove your gas tank and cover the tank with a heavy towel when you are removing it. I removed the tank, was careful loosening the bolts holding the tank on and the wrench still slipped out of my hand chipping the paint.
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    I have question as to the right cable to order I have a 07 Nightrain I am installing 14" apes with 1 inch risers i measured length of cable to be around 71" to 72 inches I am looking on J&Ps site and if I am in there looking for +14 from stock no luck. Can I use a different model Harley and use theirs + something?
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    Yes most of my cables for 04 sportster came from softail , dyna glide ect. as long as its the same year as your bike ,J&P matched everything up for me.
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    Pulling wires thru the bars is easy if you use a peice of heavy string or chalkline. Tie it to the end of your wire then use your shop vac to vacuum the line thru the bar, then just pull the wire thru. Plug the opposite end of the handle bar to create more vacuum.