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    When the great Apache leader Cochise lay dying, he called all his people together. With his last words he said their world was changing and their next chief must be brave, strong, and have the well-being of all the tribe foremost in his mind.

    To chose the chief, he said he foresaw a cold winter, the coldest they had ever seen. Whoever would be chief must go to the where the buffalo were, secure their skins, and bring them back for robes. This would be at a terrible risk and hardship, and only two of the young men agreed to try.

    One was Geronimo, the other, Falling Rocks. They immediately set out to secure the buffalo robes for the people.

    In the fall, with the cold winds and the first snowflakes falling, a tiny dot was seen on the horizon. As it grew closer, the people could see it was Geronimo carrying a huge pile of skins. These were distributed and the people were saved.

    The people waited all winter for Falling Rocks, but he never arrived. Geronimo was declared chief.

    Now Falling Rocks was well liked by the people and they wanted to know what happened to him. They sent messengers to the other tribes asking about him, questioned travelers, and even talked with the soldiers.

    They eventually put up signs along the trails and roads, some of which are still there, asking everyone to "Watch for Falling Rocks".
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    That was a good one SilverFox. When I saw the title I though it was going to be a pic of an old Indian bike.

    We could use a Geronimo these days.
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    Had me to the end!! :D
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    My grandpa has told me that story for years. :D