Anyone used a Fi2000R tuner?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by cdn-bigfoot, May 22, 2008.

  1. cdn-bigfoot

    cdn-bigfoot Junior Member

    Has anyone used the Fuel injection tuner from Cobra?
    It appears to be similar to the Fuel Pak from Vance and Hines.

    Fi2000R website

    I have Cobra Speedster pipes and a Kuryakin Hypercharger. Not sure about my MAP.
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    I put one of these on a bud's bike. Easy to use and it worked about the same as the other piggyback fuelers I have used.
  3. Papamte

    Papamte Member

    Most of the posts on other forums about the Fi2000r unit are positive. Only heard of one or two of them giving problems.

    My son uses one on his Kawasaki Tourer 1600 and he loves it.

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    I am on my third one.
    The first one had an over-crimped wire going to the rear fuel injector= running on one cylinder.
    #2 gave to a friend because I am upgrading to a race tuner.
    #3 Using now because unavailability of SERT, or its replacement.
    My only experience with tuners so I can't give you a comparison. My shop recommends it; however, they can't seem to get rid of the backfire or stutter just off idle. With the new engine my backfire is gone, but the stutter off idle is worse. Hotrod engine could be part of the culprit, V&H true duals w/fishtails may be part of it also. Good luck.
  5. wildspirit97

    wildspirit97 Senior Member

    I used one on my '07 FXST for awhile until I upgraded to a thundermax I ran good. I gave it to a buddy when I replaced it and he's got it on his '08 Fatboy, and it seems to run good. Despite what they advertise on that though it runs in a closed loop and the only thing that is adjustable on it it the High and mid range pots the low range is set to run in a closed loop no matter where you set the adjustment. it's fine for stage one but if you ever plan on doing more I would probably get the TFI if you want a simple piggy back system