Anyone use motorkote ??

Discussion in 'Oil' started by ironmark, Mar 27, 2010.

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    My brother inlaw swears that Motorkote is the best additive that you could use in a engine , he puts it in every thing that has a engine . He puts Motorkote in the engine , trans ,tranfer case ect ect , in his 4 wheel drive truck . The truck had a seal go out in the the rear end & he ran the rear axel dry , he did not know how long the rear end ran dry but there was no damage to the rear end & he said it was the motorkote that save the rear end from damage . Now he is trying to talk me into using Motorkote in my truck & HD , I am not a person that believes in oil additives much but I thought it would be good to get some opinions .
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    Agree with Smitty 100%

    By any chance would your brother in law be the one selling you the additive? :s
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    I ran STP back in the day in both vehicle race engines and my shovelhead and ran Slick 50 in my 4-speed tranny. I am/was a firm believer in them; however I don't think they are necessary if you are running a quality synthetic oil or gear lube.
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    If you ever looked in the bottle of slick 50 before shaking it, you would see all the flakes of teflon on the bottom of the bottle. That's something that I would not use in any engine. The first pass through the filter would remove them and possibly hinder the flow of oil through the filter. They were supposed to fill in any irregularities in the cylinder wall. I wonder how and if they knew that. :D

    Stick with just a quality synthetic oil, it doesn't get any better.

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    STP was used as an assembly lube on rebuilt engines both stock & racing (cars) because it stayed in place rather than sloughted off, ending up in the bottom of the oil pan after the initial start up. Really sticky stuff when assemblng parts, yet slippery as all get out. Worked just fine, and once engine got up to temp it became one with the oil, adding to the viscosity and protection a bit. Unlike Slick 50, there was nothing that "settled out" in STP.
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    Stp, good product as NewHDFAN says, napa use to sell a version of there own called MAC Scam, pretty much the same very sticky, never cared for slick 50
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    With all of the work that goes into producing the fine synthetics today, I would hate to add something else in that might just mess up the soup. I simply run the best synthetic oil and filter that I can afford and leave it be.