Anyone put 2014 style Saddle Bags on and older Bike??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuddyK, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. BuddyK

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    I have a 2004 ElectraGlide and have been wodering about replacing my saddle bags with the new style off the 2014 and up bike's. Just wondering if anyone on here had already made this swap and what issue's are there? Also, are the aftermarket bags any good or should I stay with Harley bags??
  2. Hades02

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    I have an 09 Streetglide and basically you just elongate the front bracket hole and adjust to line up with the front hole on the bags. This is for 09 and up. The frame is the same for 09 - 17 so I actually got the strut brackets and support bars from a 2015 and didn't have to do anything else. Fits great with my 2014+ chopped tour pack without having to space the tour pack up.

    Now for your Electraglide, I think the issue would be the rear turn signal bar. I tried fitting the 2014+ bags on an 08 RoadKing and the bag contacted the turn signal bar so you may have to change out that to a different style.

    On one of the Facebook pages for baggers, someone mentioned that they had installed the 2014+ bags on an 02 Electraglide.

    Just remember, anything can be made to work.