Anyone own the 9-11 inspired hd?

I have one and to me its not just a bike it represent so much. and five years later,I was glad to hear that they are still being sold and quite popular. And whenever I ride around in my bike a few people recognize it and its meaning.
Yeah, the Firefighters bike, I think its called, I heard they already have the 2007 lineups ready, I think thats Great man, it shows your pride. Are you a firefighter? I know that the firefighters get a discount or something.
I haven't seen any of these out on the road but I did check one out at my local dealership. I really liked it but wish that they would have put a little more artwork on the bike so that it really showed off the patriotism that people feel. However it is a great looking bike and I would be proud to ride one.
I really like these bikes but when I ordered mine they were on back order so I could not wait to get it. I have a friend though that was lucky enough to get one and it is his pride and joy and I can surely understand why.
Wow, I have never seen this bike up close, but I think it is such a great looking bike that means so much, not to mention the pricing is really expensive, I could not afford it, but I am glad to see it when someone is riding it.
I have one and would ride it everyday if I wasn’t afraid of wearing it out. I get an enormous sense of pride every time I get on my bike.
This is such a beatuiful bike, I am envious of anyone who actually owns it. I can't imagine the great sense of pride that someone riding this bike must feel.
It is a great bike and it symbolizes something so important to Americans. I have seen one and fell in love with it. I am not getting that model although I toyed with the idea briefly.
I haven't seen it, and haven't seen it in local dealerships. I'm in Canada, but I live in an area with a smaller population than some of the major cities like Toronto where there may be some. I think it's really cool that HD did a bike for 9/11, and I can see how it would lift spirits and pride. Now I have to go search online to see some pictures of this!