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Anyone into Sports?

I was just curious to see what kind of sports everyone here likes? I am a huge basketball fan, baseball, and football fan. I like college sports as well as pro sports. My favorite teams are The Sixers, The Cowboys, The Phillies, and for college it is PennState all the way!
I really dislike sports. I think that most of them are made for men and that us women get left out of most of them, unless we are stuck on the sidelines cheering for the men and then they will give us a position.
I have a love/hate relationship in regards to sports. I don't really like watching any sports other than the Pittsburgh Steelers. In some ways I also agree with leather&lace about us women being left on the sidelines.
I watch The Yankees whenever they play and football when my other half will tolerate it. I figure I won't push my luck, at least she will watch the baseball with me.
Once in a while I watch football but I would much rather play a sport than watch it on television. I have always preferred to do something rather than watch someone else do it.
My favorite sport is hockey and I really follow the Flyers and the Phantoms. I also like the Eagles and the Phillies. We are not very much into basketball here. I do really like college football and I follow Penn State. I am a big supported of Joe Pa.
I really love Nascar. Don't boo me but my favorites are Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. I also have been a football fan since I was little. I am a very avid Bears fan. And it looks like this year could be their year!!! It's about time.
I am a huge football fan, of both college and pro. I also watch Nascar and on occasion Golf.

Favorite teams/player:

Florida Gators

Penn State

Jacksonville Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin Harvick

Tiger Woods