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anyone from Holland


Just introduced myself in the new member section and was wondering if anyone from Holland is participating in this forum?
I'm not from Holland toyz, but I've been to your Country (2006) and I have quite a few Dutch friends down here........does that count????:bigsmiley24:
My mothers ancestors were Holland, but I don't know which side or from what area they rwere from. anyway welcome to the community. Dave. St. louis Mo. U.S.A
I have been away from the forum for the beginning of this year and the last part of 2007. So I must have missed this thread.
A belated welcome to the furom Toyz.
And yes I'm from Holland. (well.... from birth untill about 18 years ago that is)
Which part of Holland are you from?
Haven't been looking here for a while, but I'm
located in the country center city Gorinchem.
Hey there,

Not from Holland but from your (friendly) neighbors down below!

Greetings from Belgium,
Feel free to join the group I've just created trying to unite the european bikers on this forum!

Look for the flags :)

Take care!