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Anyone Else Able to Ride North of the 49th


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Anyone else North of the 49th parallel able to get out for a ride in 2008. Alberta has had mild weather for the last few days. Took and ride to Edmonton on Sunday the 13th, temp was at one degree celsius, roads good. Then went to Red Deer on Monday, cut across to Spruceview/Caroline then South on the 22. Roads were good but it was a funny feeling seeing the snow in the ditches and in the fields. Leathers worked out well but might invest in heated clothing.

Don't know if I am north of the 49th, but am from Montreal. Last Wednesday (Jan 9th) saw 2 riders out in my area. We got a lot of snow this winter, but that was a very mild day. I felt real envy, and would have got one of my own scoots out, but they are in storage at the back of my garage. Glad to hear that you managed a ride or two.
way too much snow and ice around here,and when thats gone ill still have to wait for the sand on the roads to get cleaned up before i can get out for a ride.