Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Jasperparsons, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Jasperparsons

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    My son decided he wanted to give me his over used iPhone, the cheap little bugger he is. With this new phone im entereing the 21st century as my old flipper from samsung, is a waste of space as my kid says. Personally i won't handle phone calls, nor listen to music when im riding, but im wondering if anyone uses bluetooth when in their cage or even anywhere elese....funny we used to call a kid back in my grade school days, bluetooth and now that i have though about it i can't remeber why...either way i was told i can get a ticket talking on the phone whilst in my cage and would like very much to avoid boy was showing me this jabra speakerphone and telling me about its bells and curious to know if any HD riders lurking here in the computer section could give some experience/tips/advice about bluetooth....any input would be appreciated...thanks guys and ride safe, or don't....its your call!!
  2. fin_676

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    As it is illegal to use a hand held phone whilst at the controls of a motor vehicle here in the UK i use 2 bluetooth systems in the car one for my personal phone and one for the company phone
    I have a good system for my own phone as i replaced the audio head unit with one with built in bluetooth, satnav,etc, etc and when the phone rings it takes over the car audio system and uses all the speakers etc and gives very good quality sound
    The other system is a speaker that plugs into the cig lighter has a remote mic and answer button and has now been in 3 cars and been married to at least 6 different phones
    I also have a bluetooth helmet which is married to my phone and to my wifes helmet i have never answered a call when riding but i can if i want to

  3. trickydoc

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    Got me a new radio for my truck, with Bluetooth. got my IPhone hooked up. answers the phone, plays my music. take a charge cord with you music will bring the battery down. think you gona love it. welcome to the 21st century.
  4. The4opps1

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    As I am still in the 19th century I personally don't use bluetooth. However, my daughters and the bride use it constantly. Since I rarely turn on my cell phone, it wouldn't do me much good. Most new cars, however, are set up with steering wheel controls to basically allow you to talk as you drive hands free with bluetooth. As for me? Maybe someday I'll get with it....
  5. Kegger

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    Well the new law for cellphones only effects those that use comercial vehicals. I drive semi and have the cobra 29ltd BT. Which has bluetooth through the cb so i look like im using the cb. Im getting a Blue Parrott 250xt i think it is. Great for noisey trucks, and you can even use them on your bike. Not bad for $80 something. It has the best noise canceling but not the coolest looking bt.
  6. Gold4484

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    I have hearing aids in both ears, and they are Bluetooth compatible. I take my iphone with me and play music when I ride. If I have a phone call, I can answer, but don't. When in my truck, I will use this for answering calls. Have had this for a few years now. I can remember talking to my Dad when I was working on the roads. I was sitting on the chipper talking to my Dad, and the boss came up and sat down next to me. I was asking my Dad what the dog was doing, and my boss said he's outside on the steps. Then I asked a few more questions, and the boss answered me again. I turned around, and saw a dog across the road from us, and right then I knew the boss didn't know what I was doing. He felt like a jerk when I told him! But Bluetooth does come in handy. You will like it.

  7. bikerdad

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    Love it in the car and I also enjoy bluetooth to speakers in my helmet when I ride.
  8. slipons

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    I use one while in the not believe I could hear a phone conversation while on the bike.
  9. Flyer20

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    I use a Sena SPH-10 communicator on the bike which bluetooths to my phone for iPod and calls. Also longs to another headset for group rides. And Bluetooth in my truck for hand free calling both wonderful devices
  10. errplane

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    I use Bluetooth in my truck. If I use the UBS connection it will charge and operate directly through the audio system instead of Bluetooth. My hearing is beginning to go and Bluetooth is much better to use than just the phone itself.