Anybody ride a train lately ?

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  1. R_W_B

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    Hey guys I am booking transportation for my brother to go to NC to see a friend, since he doesn't have a driver's license (he gets out of prison next month). I first looked at Bus travel but he would have to switch buses 6 times between here and Wilmington NC and 2 of those times he would have over an hour layover wait time before boarding the next bus. A total of 23 hrs time from getting on the first bus here to arriving in Wilmington. Don't sound like an enjoyable trip to me. The cost of the bus ticket was $84.

    However I looked at an Amtrak train ticket and 1-1/2 hrs (total) trip time for $61, so that part is a no brainer. But since the nearest train station to Wilimington is in Fayatteville he would also have to catch a bus from there (about 90miles) to Wilimington.

    Anybody travel on a train lately, what's it like? Comfortable etc ?

    Opps read the train online page wrong, (guess that would have to be the bullet train the way I got it first LOL).

    Actually it's a one stop trip for the train then another 11 hrs to FayatteVille a total of 13-1/2 hrs. Still sounds better than the bus to me.
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    My wife takes the train from Massachusetts to DC every now and then. It is quite comfortable.....just like sitting on a bus really but easier to get up and stretch your legs from time to time. Plus there is usually a cafe car on some of the longer trips so you can buy lunch.
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    Train travel is much superior than bus. Can get up and walk around. Some show movies in a dining car.
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    It takes forever on the train with all the stops it makes. They need to use the high speed train for what it was intended, HIGH SPEED and fewer stops and then train travel would be great. I think they give a military discount also.
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    Take the Auto Train. Sanford Florida to Lorton Virginia. The only two stops there are. Load up the bike in the evening, jump aboard. Wake the next morning and you are there. Nice riding up there too.

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    We've used the train between Omaha and Denver several times. Usually it's an OK trip, the seats are comfortable and roomy which helps. Check the Amtrak website to make sure they don't have any bulletins posted for the train route you need to take. The railroads occassionally have to delay trains for several hours due to track maintenance.
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    Thanks for the replies, I booked him a train to Fayetteville (with only 1 switch stop) and then a bus from there to Wilimington. Will end up being 15 hrs total instead of 23 hrs bus only.

    It is amazing how long it takes the train to get there, since we drive to Charlotte NC in 10hrs. But none the less if it's comfortable my wife might want to take the train to visit the grandkids some time since for $61 is cheaper than we can drive it in our car.