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    Hello, I own a 05 Flht carberated bike with 22,000mi, I want to update my cam plate and drive set-up with the later set-up, and install S.E. cams, I noticed at about 2300-2600 rpms there is lifter/ rocker noise, I was curious if anybody out there has done this simular project and if there is a proven / trusted combination, I have been guilty in the past of throwing money at my bike and creating more problems, I do have plans of going bigger with the cubic inches ( maybe 103 ) but for right now I want to focus on the lower valvetrain, followed by a S.E. or custom CV carb rebuild, already have S.E. air cleaner asem. and performance exhaust...
    Thanks guys, Dave W.
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    Check these out:

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    One thing I would suggest is upgrading the oil pump, to the SE High Flow, when you change out the cam support plate (You can purchase them together as a kit). You also need to decide if you are going to upgrade to hydraulic tensioners or eliminate them with gear drive cams. You can make an argument for both.

    If you go with gear drive cams I would suggest S&S, with the grind depending on where you are wanting to end up with you engine. I would also take the SE cam plate and oil pump set up over the feuling - personal preferance. Just my two pennies.....
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    I dont know if you are worried about the lifter noise at 2300-2600rpm, but i have some noise at that rpm also. i took it to two different dealers and they both said its nothing to worry about.
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    If you go with the gear drive set up I'd check around for someone or a shop that has done these before. Installing a gear drive setup is not a plug and play deal like just updateing original setup with the SE upgrade, first thing is you need to check crank runout to see if the gear drive setup is even an option for you. I'm not saying the gear drive is bad, just that if that's the way you decide to go make sure you get it done right.
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    If you want to upgrade your cam support plate I have a brand new billet S. E. cam support plate from the kit # 25284-08 I bought this for the oil pump and chains and sprockets and did not use the cam support plate. It is perfect for your bike and is an upgrade. I'll take $150 for it. It is Brand new and unused.
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    Since you have an 05 it should have bee hive valve springs. Instead of going with the SE cam plate conversion and SE cams, you might want to look into going with the 07 and up cam plate with an Andrews 48N conversion cam. It has an intake close of 29* and a lift of .548.(The bee hive springs are good up to .575 lift) This combo will give you more low end torque than any other bolt in cam and will have a very nice power band.

    The conversion cams are easier to install than the old-style cams because you don't have to press the cams into the cam plate. They also use a roller link chain on the outer as well as the inner sprockets, where as the SE cam plate uses the old-style silent cam chains on the inner sprocket.

    GMR Performance has a complete kit for the conversion cams.

    GMR Performance | Monthly Specials


    Complete Andrews N conversion kit with everything you need to upgrade your early style chain drive cams. We have put this kit together with a few extra items. Torrington inner cam bearings, LMR bypass oil spring installed in cam plate. Andrews EZ install pushrods, new push rod covers to allow ease of pushrod adjustment, loctitie, and torco assembly lube. One stop shopping with every item needed to complete your install at home.

    If after looking at this and you still decide that you still want to go with the SE cam plate and SE cams I would suggest the SE 204. You might want to put a 4* advance sprocket on it to improve the low end torque though.