Any one going to expo center this weekend?


Is it my imagination, or are the bike shows really poorly advertised? There is going to be one at the expo center ( hartford ct). Dave Perlewitz,and daughter are going to be there.Jan 5-6th. I'm thinking of going just to get out of the cold.:rider
Hey Hobbit, I met Dave he's a nice guy .His daughter was building a bike for a breast cancer fund. I bought a couple tickets.Maybe I'll get lucky.:D:D
Hobbit, Sorry I didn't bring my camera. But I saw some people from local HOG chapter there. I'll ask if they took any pictures at the next meeting.
Dark Knight, I am a member of Hartford HOG (Gengras H-D) .I have only joined recently,but the people are an ok bunch. Their web site is They hold monthly meetings at the VFW in west hartford.