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Any military folks near Ft. Sill, OK?


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Hey folks, one of my nephews is at Ft Sill, OK for boot camp. Long story short, he's a good kid, but he has had a bit of an attitude most of his 23 years.
He finally grew up a little bit and had the right frame of mind to do well in the military. Unfortunately, he broke his had yesterday and is really bummed and he can have a temper and a spiteful streak in him, I'm afraid he may end up cutting off his nose to spite his face......:bigsmiley25: He's really not happy about having to be recycled. He refused to go to sick call when he arrived with the flu, because he wanted to get through his training. He really had the drive, I don't want him to lose it.
So, the favorite aunt who went out to shovel the snow out from the grill tonight, missed his call and feels guilty for not giving him his pep talk.
If there is anyone that is possibly close by and would be willing, could you PM me and I would give you his info. I just don't want him to make a mistake he will regret. (He would be the soldier with built like a refrigerator with a cast on his hand:bigsmiley14:)

I forgot to mention that he has been relocated back to somewhere that he doesn't have an address, so therefore, I can't send him the letter to keep his mind right.......:)