any harley mechanics on Whidbey Island?


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Just got a 2006 XL1200R with 690 miles on it:D (garage qween) I cant get it to start.:cry It had dregs of gas in the tank and the fuel was "on". I'm thinking clogged carb. but i'm not sure. I have a shop manual and plenty of tools.:coffee I would like to try and fix it myself.:laugh: I'm kind of scared of jumping into this project cold as i have never worked on a motorcycle before, and i don't want to screw it up.:swoon Is there a mechanic nearby who would help me if i run into a problem i cant figgure out? Santa brought me V&H shortshots to put on it :bigsmiley36:and as long as the carb is off for cleaning i would rejet it. Baseicly its a new bike, just been sitting for too long. I am reading all the tips in these forums as fast as i can. I hope i can get it going before spring.:bigsmiley22:
Start by draining the tank possibly cleaning it out depending on how bad the gas was. From there check flow through the petcock to make sure you have some. After that I would use a can of starting fluid and give a squirt in the carb to try to start it before going crazy rebuilding the carb. If it's an 06, chances are the carb isn't too bad.

Before doing all this, take a look at the plugs possibly put in a new set. Also have a fully charged battery.

If you change the pipes, you should up the low jet in the carb. You probably looked in the self help forum that explains this.

If you get stuck, post your problems and we can advise you where to look.