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hi new to this site so please bear with me, i have been riding for over 20yrs. i rode a 77 shovelhead for 19yrs before i bought the streetglide so i do know about an hd vibration. my problem is i was on the bike for about an hr and was cruising around 75-80? and it just felt like something maybe moved, i don't know it is just ever so slight,but it is still there, the dealer thinks i'm crazy but they did tighten my front engine mount and aired up my tires ,but i know it's there can anyone please help me, thanks kycoot
Could you be a bit more specific as to whether it is the bike or the motor that is vibrating?

Is it speed related as in slower vibes as you slow down?

Try pulling in the clutch and see if the vibes are engine or chassis related as in wheels out of balance.

Spokes or mags (probably mags if they are stock wheels)
thanks for answering it is realy weird it seems to be worse at 30-40mph, 3000rpms, 3gear, accelerating?
I would check all three engine mounts as well as the swing-arm pivot both axles and then the most obvious the wheel balancing weights.
I was thinking the wheel balancing initially, but you describe the vibe as if "something moved" and that makes me think it's NOT the wheels/tires at all.

If the bike is under warranty still...take it to the dealer and have them make sure EVERYTHING is torqued to specs. A buddy of mine with an '06 Dyna had a similar situation, but his bike had a bit of a strange feeling when he hit a bump on the road. Turns out the engine mounts weren't torqued correctly. They tightenned them up to specs and no problems since in over a year.

If the bike is not under warranty, have an indie do it or better yet do it yourself.