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Another stingray Accident


An 81-year-old Florida man is in the hospital after a freak accident occurred. The man was out on his boat when the stingray flopped out of the water onto his boat. When he was trying to get it off his boat it stung him, doctors say he is in critical condition after they removed the barb from his chest earlier today.
Wow! that is very strange indeed! I thought they where suposed to be the tamest of wild species? And loved people? I always been freaked out by them myself, look like aliens or something.
I remember when I wa little they warned us about these things, always seeing E.R. vehicles up and down the beaches. But then as I got older the story changed, they where tame, now this.
I don't think they necessarily attack unless they are "cornered" so to speak. Probably just a freak thing. How sacry though for people that spend a lot of time in the ocean. I love the beach, but lately I prefer my swimming pool!
My mother is going to Mexico next week and she was looking forward to swimming with the stingrays, as she has so many times in the past. Now she is not so sure.
I guess sometimes we forget that these animals can be dangerous because it happens so rarely. I would be a little afraid right now too. I mean who knows when another freak accident could happen. Unless the stingrays were a real passion I would stay away I guess.
That was such a freaky thing. What a strange thing that it was able to flop out of the water and land on his boat. I bet the chances of that happening are like 1 in a million or something. I just hope the the guy will be ok. Has anyone heard an update on him.
Yeah, I heard about this last week. Apparently stingrays ARE supposed to be the tamest animals in the ocean. Aside from this story, I think we have to remember that we're invading their territory and if frightened, they'll attack. I don't know too much as I don't live near the ocean, but my husband lived on the coast of Florida for a long time and told me that the first rule of walking in the ocean is to drag your feet, not pick them up simply due to stingrays. He said they won't kill you if you step on them but it can be dangerous. I think what happened to this man was a 1 in 100,000,000 type thing. We'd panic and try to attack if we were out of our environment. Last I heard though, he wasn't going to die from this thank goodness.