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Another reason I ride


I was out this past Sunday for a short ride; the weather was dry but still on the cool side. As I was pulling into a local pub, I spied an elderly gentleman pull in on a small scooter. We exchanged hellos, and he commented that he was just out exploring the local back roads. He had gotten a little further off the beaten path than he had planned. He then said " I guess I'm doing pretty good for 86" 86!, I was shocked. I went inside and ordered a cold one; a couple of minutes later I saw him come in and sit at the end of the bar. I told the barmaid, " Get him anything he wants, I'm buying". He thanked me and pulled up a bar stool next to me. I listened as he told me a little about himself. He used to raise horses, he built race cars back in the day. Now he delivers "meals on wheels" (not on the scooter!) His wife passed away some time ago. He loves to ride his little scooter and explore the area. He thought about a bigger bike, but didn't want to hassle with the Motor Vehicle Department requirements for a larger bike. I listened, as he spun his tales of his youth. He once had a girlfriend who had an Indian inline 4, that they would ride. I'm sure that most, if not all of his family and friends have passed away. He impressed me so much; he still had a twinkle in his eye, and a zest for life. I hope that if I live to be 86, I will too. I reluctantly had to bid farewell; I shook his hand, and wished him well. Keep the rubber side down Vern!