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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by streetglidebob, Mar 26, 2009.

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    I have a 2007 SG, put the big bore kit on it Jan 2008, with power commander, rush slip ons, left the stock cams. This winter put the arlen ness big sucker and the SE 255 cams on. The mech remapped the PCIII but forgot to reset the rev to 6200 rpm. So I have a friend come over to reset the PC to 6200 rpm. Take the seat off and the side cover only to discover that the cord that runs from the lap top to the PCIII is still attached and hanging down by the rear tire. We pull the cord out and it is shredded and the one end is missing and nothing but a bare wire is left. The problem is that every now and then I lose the 6200 rpm and it goes back to 5500 rpms. And it seems to start hard too. Should I replace the power commander. Help:(
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    I wouldn't give up on the PCIII yet. The cord is a standard mini USB cord. You can pick up a replacement almost anywhere that sells computer bits or digital camera accessories.

    I'd hook it up to a laptop again and reload the map and confirm the extended RPM range is enabled. By hooking it up to the laptop and reloading and verifying map and RPM, you will be cable to confirm the link to the PCIII is okay and most of the signals to the bike are still intact over the ECM/PCIII connection. If you are concerned that the PCIII to ECM connection is toast, I'd try disconnecting and cleaning/inspecting the connector ends.