Another good ride south of Maggie Valley

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  1. A couple years ago we were in the Wheels Through Time Museum and talking to Dale Walksler. (I love the fact that he just wanders around the museum and talks to all the guests!) Anyway, he suggested a nice ride south of town. We rode it and it was great. Google Maps calculates that it is 111 miles long and just shy of 3 hours riding time. We stopped a lot and took photos, so plan on longer than that. This link goes to the route in Google Maps. It starts and ends at Sylva, NC.

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    Thanks Frank.
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    Hey Frank, how many miles you have on that Electra Glide.....
    You seem to do some serious riding...:s
  4. Just shy of 100K miles. I think about 96,000 (+ or -) I'm an old retired fart, so I don't have as many responsibilities as many other riders. I have several rides I go on every year. Folks from all over show up. People from coast to coast, a few Canadians, and even a guy from the UK shows up when he can swing it. We meet in Maggie Valley each summer, as well as another rally in Ashtabula OH. Used to have one in TN, but the guy hosting it got tired after 14 years in a row, so last year we had it at my place here in KS. There's one in CA in late summer, too.

    The most important rally is the one in Ohio for our friend, Eddie.
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    Beautiful country up there around Cherokee and Hendersonville.
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    We did part of that loop out to Highlands and back to see the waterfalls, the only problem was the pullouts were packed with cars and located right on turns. Still it was a nice ride!
  7. Yup. I noticed the same thing. Once we got south of Highlands we found fewer and fewer cars on the road. They became downright desolate...which was good!