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Another gear


Hi Guys & Girls

I have recently taken delivery of a new U/C Electra.
Having had a Dyna convertible before this one I now find that I struggle getting out of the garage.
For reasons unknown to me the floor of the garage slopes slightly up as I push the bike out and straight into gravel. (I go in foreward)
Trawling through he website of a H-D dealer in my native Holland I noticed they are dealer for a company that makes reverse gearboxes to bolt on to the existing one.
Not wanting to invalidate the bike's warranty I wonder if anyone knows of a reverse gear add-on that is Harley approved and thus doesn't affect the warranty?:36:

I would check with the service department on this one. I would think that anything that you do to the trans would void the trans warrantee but it should not affect the rest of the bike regardless of what they try to tell you. The Magnusen Moss act will define this for you.

Would it be easier to roll it backwards into the garage so you could start it and drive out?

Thanks for the advise on the fact that only the gearbox warranty would be void. Hadn't thought of that myself.
Problem with reversing in is that the slope on the outside of the garage is twise as steep and through gravel.
Cant move it more than 2 feet there.
I have been thinking of making myself a bike-mate (aluminum channel on casters) but a reverse gear is more practical and less clutter.