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Another Exhaust Question?????


I am looking to add some performance exhaust to my,new to me ,2005 Road Glide. I'm thinking either V & h or Bassani with Dual headpipes. I want input on which pipe as well as Fuel pak / Power Commander. Also eventually want to go with a 95" kit and cams so I want everything to work with it in the end. I'm new to the TC88 so any advice would be appreciated.
I'm not an expert; but I think if you plan on upgradeing your cams you would be better off going wth the Power Commander. But I must deffer final recomendation to someone with more exprtise, Glider, Hobbit, anyone, anyone.
V&H ovals are a good choice and very popular too. I would stay with the stock head pipes for best low down torque. The true duals loose a bit of bottom end. Also out of your choices I would go with the PCIII over the fuel pack as long as you have a good tuner in your area to get a custom map made. If you can find a PCIII tuner with tuning link, it's about as good as it gets then. The PCIII can also be remapped for the 95 and the cams that you are planning but I would try to get the custom map last after the additions as it can run a few bucks re doing the dyno runs. You can choose a canned map till you get it all together.