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    iv read most of the posts on the subject and it sounds like either upgrade is an improvement
    i have questions tho lol the new hydrolic tentioner set up seems to be the easyer and less expencive upgrade but what does it use to push on the chain? a type of shoe made of plastic? or what? does it need to be checkd eventualy too? the shoe is the part that fails on the old set up lol umm right? is i worth just changing the old shoes for peace of mind or is an upgrade realy needed to achiev a no worries ride?
    thanks for any and all advice ;-)
  2. Bud White

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    shoe of some kind of wonder plastic.. they havent been out long enough to know how they are holding up for my taste we shall see.. reason the old one was failing is the spring tension was so strong it just ground the pad on the chains .. the new one is driven by oil pressure
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    The chain is manufactured differently as well, it's smoother. Changing the shoes only wouldn't eliminate the reason why they wear in the first place. For peace of mind it makes sense to convert over to the new sytem (IMHO). Also, there are probably some folks on here that have been riding around with the conversion kits for a while. They will probably respond to this post.
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    Kemo has about 20k since he did the conversion, but anyone riding an '07 or later, or '06 Dynas and later has that technology in their engine. Do not hear of the same sorts of horror stories as with the spring-loaded tensioners.

    I think as stated above, the fact that they are hydraulically actuated, the fact that the shoes are a more resilient elastomer (nylon?) rather than a brittle plastic and the design of the chain all contribute to what should be longer MTBF. They should still be inspected every year until you have confidence it their wear and longevity.

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  5. hippie13

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    cool so the new chain set up is a good fix . and a good excuse to change the cams :) sounds like a winter project